My passion to bring people together through the arts began during childhood. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY with parents who love to host salon events featuring artists, musicians, poets, chefs, actors and storytellers. 


I graduated from Kenyon College in 2017 with a BA in sociology and a minor in visual arts. During my time at Kenyon, I organized meetings, guest speakers, fundraisers, workshops and community gatherings for social justice and environmental causes. Through this work, I received the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award for my dedicated efforts to engage the campus community. Also during this time, and post-graduation, I organized meetings and events for two community environmental grassroots groups, including two conferences.


Since living in Minnesota, I curate and organize events that are rooted in creativity, community and our natural world. Through my business Rooted Circles, I support clients in bringing their creative visions to life. As the current Engagement Coordinator for WaterLegacy, a non-profit organization working to protect Minnesota’s waters and the communities who rely on them, I have organized community engagement opportunities, such as art benefits, community cultivation events, fundraisers and public issue briefings. Need support in organizing an event? View my services.


The arts are an evocative medium to explore untapped vantage points, within and without. I offer a workshop called "Drawing for the Untapped Artist Within." In a perfection free environment, we will explore the secret to learning how to draw. Learn how to look closely and express yourself visually. For a longer description and list of dates, click here.

As an artist, I am in awe of the beauty within our natural world. The harmful treatment of the Earth by mainstream society concerns me, while the movements for sustainable and spiritual relationships with land and animals inspire me. By bringing landscapes and animals to life through my drawings, I strive to bring attention to the organic and encourage others to honor and spend time with the world we tend to drive by. View my artwork here. To order a commission, contact me