Rooted Circles Gatherings & Events

Through my business Rooted Circles I support clients in bringing their creative visions and intentions to life.

Event planning operates like a thread, weaving together creative goals and necessary logistics. When sewn well, this thread creates a seamless experience that engages the hearts and hands of community. It offers a space in which family, friends and/or strangers can learn, share, and grow. 


Emma organizes events such as intimate concerts, art shows, community dinners, workshops, fundraisers, salons* and more. Have another idea? Please reach out.


*events with programs featuring various artists, musicians, poets, chefs, actors or storytellers.


Event Planning Services

I guide you through what needs to happen to make your vision a reality. You take the lead in producing the event as I assist in helping you organize and keep track of the details.

Project Assistant


I produce the event, taking care of all logistics. We will talk through your vision and make important decisions together.

The project can be a single event or a series of events.


Project fee depends on scope of work.

To book my services, email me at